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This message is to inform and educate you about the lodge, not intimidate you. The lodge is located in a unique place and the wonders that surround us more than outweigh the associated hazards. Where else can you watch hummingbird families interact, catch large bull trout only minutes away, view wildlife, and walk trails meeting no one? This is a special place. The appeal of Sheep Creek is the remoteness of its backcountry location: it is also the hazard. Although the cabins are only a short distance from town, they are off the grid and out of cell range. There are no phones, televisions, or computers. Bridges and roads have washed out, equipment fails, injuries occur. Please read and fill out the following Agreement of Risk. If you have questions, please call owner Brian Bildson at 780-831-1087.

You are advised to read this document carefully before signing as it is a legally binding agreement.
We encourage you to seek independent legal council before signing.

Sheep Creek Guide and Back Country Experiences Ltd. is, by its nature, a wilderness tourism operation. As such there are risks associated with our activities. We are not responsible, nor legally liable, for any loss or damage to personal property, person injury, illness or death of any idividual, while travelling to or from the lodge or during any of our activities. Neither the company, employees, agents, officers, or contractors shall be deemed liable under any circumstances including negligence.

As a wilderness operator, some of the risks associated with our activities include, but are not limited to, hypothermia and risks of inclement weather, falling objects, avalanches, slipping and falling, animal encounters, both wild and domestic, drowning, lightening strikes, and loss or damage to personal equipment. As we operate in a wilderness environment there is a chance of illness or injury in the back country where access to medical facilities could be difficult. In the event of medical evacuation we are not responsible for any costs incurred on your behalf and by signing this document you accept full responsibility for said costs.

By signing this document you agree that you, your heirs, executors and administrators shall be prevented from suing or registering a claim against Sheep Creek Guide and Back Country Experiences Ltd. and its agents, contractors, employees and officers. You also agree to indemnify Sheep Creek Guide and Back Country Experiences Ltd. for any legal fees incurred in such a claim.

I____________________________ and _____________________________ have carefully read and understand this assumption of risk agreement and acknowledge that it is a binding agreement between myself/ourselves and sign it freely. We further acknowledge that we have been given the opportunity to seek independent legal counsel prior to signing.

Signed and dated this_____________day of_________________________20_____








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