Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (2024)

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  • Weekly Nightfall and Modifiers

  • Episode: Echoes Seasonal Challenges

  • Exotic Mission Rotation

  • Raid and Dungeon Rotation

  • Raid Challenges

  • Ritual Activities: Crucible and Gambit

  • Legacy Activities and Challenges

  • Dares of Eternity Rotation

  • Xur Details

  • Trials of Osiris Map and Weekly Adept Weapon

Updated July 2, 2024: Another week has come for Destiny 2, which means missions, challenges, and rewards have been reset. After months of new content and updates, Destiny 2 has reentered a quiet period as Episode Echoes moves into a 3-week dormant period between Acts 1 and 2. For many, this will probably be a time that many use to catch up on everything that has come out since The Final Shape has launched, including the episodic content.

However, Bungie continues to attempt to keep players engaged and anticipating what's coming as game director Robbie Stevens recently teased that Act 3 of Episode Echoes will feature one of the biggest Exotic missions that Destiny 2 has ever seen. Stevens stopped short of giving any more details, though it was confirmed that this new episodic format was the big reason why creating a mission this size was even possible at all.


Destiny 2 Fans Have One Big Issue With The Strike Playlist

Destiny 2 players discover some recent unwelcomed changes to the Vanguard Strike playlist, prompting fans to request changes from Bungie.

In the meantime, the Destiny 2 weekly reset is back again, bringing refreshed content, activities, and rewards for players to chase over the next week. For a complete look at all the new content available for the week of July 2, including Nightfalls, Crucible modes, and challenges, here is everything players need to know.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (2)Weekly Nightfall and Modifiers

Nightfall Strike: Warden of Nothing

Advanced Modifiers:

  • Champions: Unstoppable, Barrier, and Overload
  • Hero Modifiers: Extra Shields. Void and Solar.
  • Galvanized: Combatants have more health and are more difficult to stun.
  • Overcharge: Rocket Launcher and Kinetic Weapons when the player's subclass matches an active Surge element.
  • Empath: Enhanced radar and take increased damage from melee.
  • Threat: Solar
  • Surge: Arc and Void

Expert Modifiers:

  • All previous modifiers.
  • Equipment Locked: Unable to change equipment once the mission starts.

Master Modifiers:

  • All previous modifiers.
  • Famine: All ammo drops are significantly reduced.
  • Master Modifiers: Locked Loadout, Extra Champions, and Extra Shields.

Grandmaster Modifiers:

  • All previous modifiers.
  • Scorched Earth: Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.
  • Chaff: Radar is disabled.
  • Master Modifiers: Extinguish, Limited Revives, Contest, and Join In Progress Disabled.


  • Nightfall Weapon: Shadow Price (Adept Auto Rifle)

Episode: Echoes Seasonal Challenges

Week 5

  1. Escalating Abilities: Defeat 150 combatants with abilities. Bonus progress in Overthrow.
  2. Golden Treasure: Find and open 3 Golden Chests in the Pale Heart.
  3. Boiling Point: Complete Overthrow in the Landing, the Blooming, and the Impasse.
  4. Iron Sharpens Iron: Complete 15 Iron Banner matches. Bonus progress for wins.
  5. Boss Battle: Defeat 20 bosses in strikes or Vanguard playlists. Bonus progress for defeating bosses on higher difficulties.
  6. Acoustic Performance: Get 400 final blows with primary ammo in Gambit or Vanguard Ops activities. Bonus progress for Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon, or Sidearm final blows or by defeating Guardians.

Exotic Mission Rotation

Bungie brought back various exotic missions for players to run through to earn new rewards, gear, as well as craftable versions of exotic weapons. Like the Raid and Dungeon rotator, this one changes on a weekly basis.

Featured Exotic Mission: Presage (Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle)

Raid and Dungeon Rotation

Originally introduced during Season 17, Bungie features Raids and Dungeons in a weekly rotation to make them farmable with updated rewards.

  • Featured Raid: Vow of the Disciple
  • Featured Dungeon: The Shattered Throne
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (4)

Raid Challenges

  • Salvation's Edge: At Capacity
  • Deep Stone Crypt: Copies of Copies
  • Vow of the Disciple: Defenses Down, Swift Destruction, Base Information, Looping Catalyst
  • Vault of Glass: Ensemble's Refrain
  • King's Fall: Under Construction
  • Root of Nightmares: Cosmic Equilibrium
  • Garden of Salvation: Zero to One Hundred
  • Last Wish: Keep Out
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (5)

Ritual Activities: Crucible and Gambit

Players can earn additional rewards through Destiny 2's Pathfinder system simply by playing and performing certain tasks in ritual activities like Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit.

  • Weekly Crucible Modes: Iron Banner Control, Mayhem, and Showdown - Bonus Ranks!
  • Gambit

Legacy Activities and Challenges


  • Exo Challenge: Simulation: Survival
  • Eclipsed Zone: Eventide Ruins
  • Empire Hunt: Kridis, The Dark Priestess

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (6) Neomuna

  • Incursion Zone: Zephyr Concourse
  • Campaign Mission: First Contact
  • Partition: Backdoor

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (7) Throne World

  • Weekly Story Mission: The Cunning. Fire Pit modifier as well as Overload and Unstoppable champions.
  • Altars of Reflection: Weekly activity that players can take on through specifically marked icons within the Throne World. These missions typically involve light puzzle solving as well as battling enemy combatants.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (8) The Moon

  • Trove Guardian: Archer's Line
  • Wandering Nightmare: Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota (Sorrow's Harbor)
  • Campaign: Beyond
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (9)

Nightmare Rotation:

  • Crota (Despair)
  • Fanatic (Insanity)
  • Omnigul (Anguish)

Dreaming City

  • The Dreaming City Curse Level: Low - The Broken Courier mission
  • Petra Venj Location: The Strand
  • The Blind Well: Scorn enemies - Plagues: Sikariis and Varkuuriis
  • Ascendant Challenge: Agonarch Abyss (Bay of Drowned Wishes).
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (10)

Dares of Eternity Rotation

  • Round 1: Cabal
  • Round 2: Taken
  • Final Round: Crota
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (11)

Xur Details

Xur, the exotic merchant of Destiny 2, arrives every weekend until reset, giving players a short window to check out what he has in stock. With The Final Shape, Xur has seen a rework of what is on offer. Here's what the merchant has for the weekend of 6/21:

  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara (Warlock helmet)
  • St0mp-EE5 (Hunter leg armor)
  • Peregrine Greaves (Titan leg armor)
  • Monte Carlo (Auto Rifle)
  • Prometheus Lens (Trace Rifle)
  • The Wardcliff Coil (Rocket Launcher)
  • Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon)
  • Polaris Lance Catalyst
  • Jotunn Catalyst
  • Exotic Engram
  • Glimmer
  • Ascendant Alloy
  • Enhancement Cores
  • Vanguard Engram
  • Strange Gift (Random Item for 1 Strange Coin)
  • Ignition Code (Kinetic Grenade Launcher)
  • Sole Survivor (Energy Sniper Rifle)
  • Death Adder (Energy Submachine Gun)
  • Seventh Seraph SI-2 (Energy Sidearm)
  • Seventh Seraph SAW (Heavy Machine Gun)
  • Memory Interdict (Heavy Grenade Launcher)
  • Crown-Splitter (Heavy Sword)
  • Strange Weapon Engram
  • Substitutional Alloy Armor Set

Make sure to check back every Friday for a comprehensive breakdown of all the new exotic gear and rolls that Xur brings to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (12)

Trials of Osiris Map and Weekly Adept Weapon

Saint-14 and the Trails of Osiris offer players a high-end PvP activity in exchange for powerful rewards, especially for players who go flawless and earn a trip to the Lighthouse. Similar to most vendors in Destiny 2, Saint-14 has a reputation system that rewards players for ranking up through playing and completing bounties.

No Trials of Osiris for 7/5. Iron Banner is active.

  • Map: N/A
  • Weapon: N/A
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (13)
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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards (2024)


How to get 100,000 points in Nightfall Destiny 2? ›

The only way to earn 100,000 points in the Nightfall is to play on the Legend or Master difficulties. This increases the amount of points you earn per enemy, but also increases enemy difficulty. The recommended power for Legend is 950 Power, and we recommend you don't even try it until you're at least 925.

How to earn top 10 score in nightfall challenges? ›

To complete a nightfall and get a top 10% score, this is simply easy. Before you kill a champ, embarrass them. That's right. Hit an emote on them, taunt them, and then hit a finisher.

What time do weekly challenges reset Destiny 2? ›

The Destiny 2 weekly reset time is every Tuesday at 5pm UTC – that's 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 7PM CEST. If you live elsewhere in the world, find out what 5pm UTC is in your time zone to get your Destiny 2 weekly reset time.

How to earn top 10% in Nightfall? ›

Earn A Top 10% Score In Nightfall Challenges

The best thing to do is run the Nightfall immediately after reset, because then the score threshold will be the lowest to sneak into the top 10%. The more you wait, the higher that threshold becomes as more and more people run it and squeeze points out of it.

Are nightfall rewards based on score? ›

Players who complete each featured Nightfall or Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike will be awarded that Strike's Nightfall Emblem. This emblem will track a player's highest score achieved for that Strike. Players will also have a chance to earn exclusive weapons and cosmetics unique to each Strike.

Can you get nightfall rewards more than once? ›

Can You Only Get Nightfall Weapons Once a Week? No, you can acquire them as much as you want. The only thing you have to remember is a time limit. The weapon rotation changes as soon as next Tuesday arrives.

How to get an exotic skimmer? ›

To obtain the Exotic Skimmer Sparrow, players must complete the drop-in quest by reaching a 1,200 medallion score, earning a top 10% score in Nightfall challenges, and opening three focus activity winner packages.

How much is a top 10% nightfall score? ›

Players have noted that aiming for scores around 240k to 300k is crucial for securing a top 10% position in the Guardian Games Nightfall.

What are the drop rates for nightfall difficulty? ›

The Nightfall difficulty adjusts drop rate as follows:
  • Adept - Rare.
  • Hero - Uncommon.
  • Legend - Common.
  • Master - Common.
Jan 12, 2024

Does Destiny 2 reset on tuesday? ›

However, the weekly reset day doesn't ever change, and is always on Tuesday. This page explains the current Destiny 2 reset time is, and what happens each reset.

What is error code cat in Destiny 2? ›

Error code cat means you have to update. There aren't any updates available on steam.

Do dungeons reset weekly Destiny 2? ›

The Destiny 2 weekly reset occurs every Tuesday, bringing new Nightfall modifiers, Eververse items, and featured raids and dungeons.

How to get 100k Nightfall points? ›

How to Score 100k Points in Nightfall
  1. Scoring 100k on Hero tier is possible, but very difficult on certain Nightfall Strikes.
  2. Try to play on Legends of Master difficulty for more points.
  3. Prepare your loadout appropriately with your fireteam beforehand.
Aug 15, 2022

What does 100k nightfall mean? ›

Players who can achieve a 100k Nightfall score will earn a pinnacle reward drop. For those who don't know, Pinnacle Rewards drop from endgame content in Destiny 2 and can be especially helpful for increasing your Guardian's power level, since the gear that drops is always higher than your currently equipped gear.

How much do you get paid at nightfall? ›

The average Nightfall AI salary ranges from approximately ₹42,25,000 per year (estimate) for a Software Engineer to ₹42,25,000 per year (estimate) for a Software Engineer.

How to get points in Destiny 2 Nightfall? ›

Players earn scores via killing and using supers. Harder enemies are going to reward you with a more significant score. After fifteen minutes pass, the scoring is cut in half for new ratings. After eighteen minutes, the players will not get any score at all.

How do you get nightfall rank in destiny 2? ›

you have to get the bonus threshold of 100,000 on a nightfall. when you get the 100,000 on say tree of propabilities, you get 1 nightfall rank. another example is say you get 143,000, you would get 1.4 nightfall rank. you get 1 rank point per 100,000 nightfall score combined.

What are the odds of getting a nightfall weapon Destiny 2? ›

Nightfall weapon drop rates are impacted by the score you earn (Platinum, Gold will offer the highest chances) and the difficulty of the Strike. The higher the difficulty, the more likely a weapon will drop - and is arguably the easiest way to increase the likelihood of getting your hands on one.


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