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Track Your Monthly Menstrual Cycle with Clovia’s Period Tracker Tool

Women often come across situations where they wonder “When will I get my period?”, “What if my dates clashwith my beach vacation?”, or something similar. In order to answer such questions, a period tracker canalways come into play. Earlier, women used to track periods manually on a calendar, but thanks to technologythat it’s getting as easy as ever.

Here are some surprising benefits of period calculator to track your period cycle you should certainly lookat.

What are the Benefits of Tracking Your Period Cycle?

1. Understand the pattern:
The foremost benefit of tracking your menstrual cycle is that it will help you understand how your cycleusually works. Everyone’s body is different and while the average cycle maybe for about 28 days, it’s notmandatory that it will be the same for you. This is why it’s best to keep a track of your own menstrualcycle using a simple period calculator.

2. Manage your mood:
PMS is one of the most common problems during menstruation. It usually starts about a week before yourperiod and usually fades when you get your period. If you track your period cycle, you’ll understand thereason for the change in your behaviour and thereby, manage it better. It will also help you analyse othermood variations, such as too much affection, anxiety, or anything else.

3. Plan your social calendar:
Planning that perfect beach vacation but afraid your dates might clash? Well, track your period and planaccordingly. It can help you figure out when you should possibly plan a holiday or go for a night out withyour girls.

4. Know your overall health:
Your menstrual cycle is a key indicator of overall health. It can help you understand your body’sfunctionality. For instance, if you’re getting irregular or heavy period, there may be some underlyingcondition that needs to be treated.

Now that you understand the benefits of tracking your menstrual cycle, it’s time to understand the possiblebenefits of using a modern period calculator.

Why use a period tracker?

1. Easy accessibility:
Gone are the days when you had to carry a pocket calendar to track your period cycle. A period calculatorhelps you know your menstrual cycle at just a phone tap in much easier and organized manner.

2. Know chances of fertility:
If you want to get pregnant, you need to significantly pay attention to your ovulation days. And with allthe science involved, it becomes even more difficult. With a period tracker, you will know your most fertiledays significantly better.

3. Gain control:
Using a period calculator gives you adequate control of your schedule, so that you never leave your homeunprepared. By knowing when your period days are heading near, you will always keep your supplies in stockto avoid any unforeseen situation.

How to Know Your Period Date Using Clovia’s Period Tracker

Whether you’re planning a vacation or want to know your ovulating days, Clovia’s period tracker comes inhandy. You can now know your dates simply at the tap of a button. Here’s what you have to do.

1. Enter your last period date:
The more accurate your last period date is, the more accurately our tool can tell your upcoming period date.

2. Tell how long your period lasts:
Periods can be as small as 3 days or as long as 6-7 days. Since everyone’s body is different, you need totell the approx time your period lasts for.

3. Enter the duration of your monthly cycle:
Some women can get their periods in every 22 days while some over 35 days. According to the last couple ofmonths, you can tell us in how long does your monthly period cycle comes.

These simple steps can help you keep a track on your period cycle. So, what are you waiting for? Make yourperiods simpler starting today with our easy to use, yet effective period calculator.

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Period Tracker, Track your cycle | Clovia (2024)


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